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KRYSZTAŁOWA GARDEROBA/Dressing-room with crystals

Dzisiejszą propozycją chciałam zachęcić Was do zaaranżowania kryształowej garderoby. Co to znaczy? Mianowicie, chodzi o pokazanie miejsc, w których możesz ulokować kryształy. Nie musi być to wyłącznie żyrandol. Mogą to być kryształowe lustra, klamki, gałki do szuflad, wazony, czy flakoniki na perfumy.

neat idea, the corner sink, with faucet in the corner - lit up makeup dresser - mirrors in the panels of the doors, = Southern Charm:
Of course, Park has an amazing closet. Before co-founding Vaunte, she spent five years as the Vice President of Creative at Gilt Groupe. To house her wardrobe, Cooper created a fun space with neon pink, lacquered walls, accessorized with a vintage brass and crystal pendant lamp.    Get the look with this lucite shelf, which stylishly organizes shoes — but can also serve as a side table elsewhere. Maureen Footer Lucite Table, $295, from Viyet.: Beautiful crystal and antique brass drapery tiebacks add the jewelry to compliment these light, loosely woven drapery panels.: Chandelier in your walk-in closet? Absolutely.: hemnes makeover: painted benjamin moore's 'artic blue' with added crystal knobs.: crystal vase on antique plate....add flowers and put at bedside...: Dressing Room:

I have this idea to make our black and white bathroom kind of old movie glamorous, like back in the days when Hollywood was actually full of people to be admired.  It came to me for 2 reasons:  a beloved aunt-in-law went to the 2nd night of Gone With the Wind, and some great black and white art of old Atlanta.    Amazon.com: Silver Pewter Color Nickel Plated Design Soap Dispenser embellished with Crystals HO: 6.5" W/Diameter: 5": Bedding & Bath: beyond gorgeous lady''s dressing table....love these dramatic dark walls with touches of turquoise: made to order PEARLS and cystals Two decorative curtain tiebacks - drapery holder - tie backs curtain, vintage drops: Wedding Gazebo ideas:


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